About Us

About Us

image_1 It all started when two young men, then (ha ha), met in Dallas Texas in 1997. Glenn Williams-Mier and Ricky Nichols were both assistant managers starting in both the front and back of the house.

After some years working for the small local restaurant chain, they both found themselves running the show at different locations as general managers. They traded ideas and experiences over the years, with the goal to improve and offer guests a better experience in their competitive markets. Years later, Glenn moved back to his home state of New Mexico and Ricky moved to “The Island”.

Staying in touch, they both visited each other for vacations and appreciated the diversity in culture, food, and climate of each home.

Fresh and local ingredients were always a must, influencing the recipes created in the restaurants they operated. Red and Green Chile are a staple in New Mexico’s diet, and the largest agricultural crop. In fact, New Mexico is the only state with the official question-”Red, Green, or Christmas?”-referring to the choice of chile (Christmas meaning one side covered with green, the other with red). In Glenn’s previous restaurant, CoolWater Fusion, he incorporated the local ingredients such as Chile, Corn, and Beans in his fusion of French and Italian cuisine.

These unique flavors of classical cooking and local ingredients became a hit for the Albuquerque community. Over time, his small bistro won many awards and accolades. Glenn became a regular on multiple morning cooking shows.

After visiting “The Island” on vacation, Ricky showed Glenn a diamond in the rough, the future Angry Marlin Restaurant. After much thought, Glenn decided he wanted “The Island” to be his home. He bounced his plans off his friend and long time sous chef, Michael Zemel (nicknamed Tex), he was gung ho to make the move to “The Island”. With lots of hard work and polishing, they turned what is now the Angry Marlin Restaurant and CoolWater

Bar into their diamond. With a handmade translucent bar, a turtle pond and a manicured outdoor palm environment, we hope you enjoy this little getaway as we expand with outside bars (smoking and non smoking), live entertainment, and beach breeze patio seating.

Explore the ever evolving menu and take advantage of the fresh and local seafood as well as the Santa Fe flavors.